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Crane trucks are specialised vehicles that are designed to handle heavy lifting tasks in both commercial and residential settings.

These versatile machines can be used to lift and move a wide range of heavy objects, including construction materials, equipment, and vehicles.

They come in different sizes and capacities to suit different lifting needs, and can be operated by experienced professionals for safe and efficient use.

Crane trucks are particularly useful in construction sites, where they can be used to move heavy building materials or to lift heavy machinery and equipment to higher levels. They are also often used for commercial and residential projects, including in landscaping, roofing, and other applications where heavy lifting is required.

With their powerful lifting capabilities and mobility, crane trucks offer a practical and cost-effective solution for a wide range of heavy lifting tasks.


Crane Truck Hire

SB Heavy Haulage offer quality crane hire services in Geelong and surrounding Victorian areas.

SB Heavy Haulage are experts in a number of diverse operations, offering a fleet of modern cranes for hire in Geelong to suit the needs of all local businesses and residential areas.


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